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Letting the music evolve intuitively is how ‘IT’ happens for me and I consider my songs sacred gifts. Inspiration comes from, and in, many forms and happens anytime, anywhere. Just sitting down at the piano, closing my eyes and playing nothing in particular will allow the ‘magic’ to happen. For me, the beauty of a piece is in its simplicity and Spirit, moments that inspire me to feel, to be moved into a calm, a smile, a knowing, a sadness and, sometimes, a healing. I’m always more ‘in tune’ with the universe when I’m playing the piano, singing or writing songs. And, I know I will want to share that particular music when I find myself playing or singing it over and over and don’t tire of it’s melody. It’s hard to put into words how something so beautiful and soulful appears ‘out of the blue’, something which reaches and touches that place inside we can’t quite describe, but know when we hear, feel or play a certain music. And, then, to realize, in light of all the music and lyrics already brought to life, innumerable, new, different sounds and ways of putting words together are being created all over the world right now.   

     For some years I had no piano of my own, so I would play when and where I could. After the tragic deaths of my husband of ten years and only child, an 8-year-old son named Jassen, in an automobile accident, my life changed completely. As a young woman suddenly widowed and childless, I began a process of discovery to find out who I was and what I needed and wanted to do with my life. In my need to express these deep emotions, my creativity began to flow through poetry, song, piano, painting, dancing and acting, finding my niche in music and art. Interestingly, those are the first two talents that came naturally to me as a very young child. I began playing the piano by ear at 2 ˝, repeating hymns I had heard in church. [My father was a Baptist minister and music was always a part of our family life in our homes throughout the South and after we moved to southern California. Both my parents were singers and my father, an accomplished pianist as well. Growing up, I sang in church and school choirs and loved listening to the great gospel singers, like Ethel Waters.] I’m told I could draw “beyond my years” and spent many long hours honing that talent. Actually, there were 3 things that came naturally to me as a child. The other was playing in the dirt! That must explain why I love creating gardens. It seems my hands were (are!) always in dirt, paint or water, so I welcome my musical pursuits even more.

     My 2nd husband, John is a musician, singer and songwriter. In a ‘leap of faith’ we closed our downtown Ashland gallery in 2004 to pursue our creative passions fulltime. John has been singing and playing the blues for many years (www.bluesdusters.com). We work together and apart, recording, writing lyrics and music, including gospel and inspirational songs, as well as country and blues. We do everything here in our home studio. Currently, I am working on a CD of original solo piano pieces, recording demos of several gospel songs and looking forward to finalizing many others waiting their turn. My music is a healing journey in the deepest sense. I hope that my songs touch and inspire others.


Brooks Garten Hauschild


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