"Awakened Passion: Words of Love"                  


     Romantic, passionate, playful, powerful, mystical, magical, intimate, spiritual, mysterious, unpredictable, everlasting LOVE, it never grows old! Volumes are written, movies are made, industries thrive and countless TV shows are created because of our love of love. And, we all try to understand, decipher, experience and re-create it. Round and round we go regarding the subject and language of love. Most of us are either ‘falling’ in love, looking for love, dreaming of love, being in love, searching for [a] lost love or trying to rekindle love’s passion. It knows no age and moves us to action. We ‘fall’ in love at 5…or 95! My grandfather remarried in his eighties and I was barely four when I received my first love letter from an eager 5-year-old suitor. Written in finger paint, it simply said, “I love Bro-oks, Harry”.     

     In our search for a soul mate, a passionate compassionate companion, we seek to satisfy the deep longing of connecting with another, emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally. Romantic, playful, intimate and revealing, the poems in Awakened Passion speak to the heart of that connection, the desires and passion of relationship, of life!

Brooks Garten Hauschild  

    Was it the lighting

    on that particular afternoon,

    still fresh from the morning rain,

    that made me suddenly aware

    of your presence?


    Was it magic, fate

    or the hand of God

    that made me stop

    as you passed by

    and I turned

    to see you

     turning to

    see me? 


    Somehow, in the middle

    of that crowded intersection,

    tangled with pedestrians

    intent on some mission,

    our paths crossed

     and we smiled from our hearts.


    In the company of strangers,

    we recognized each other.

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