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"Intuition", 24 x 48, acrylic on canvas, (c) BGH



          Always drawn to the creative side of life, Brooks showed musical & artistic as a child, becoming a prolific, self-taught artist. Born in New Orleans and raised in the South, Brooks has lived & worked in Ashland, OR since 1985. She is married to John, a singer, musician & songwriter.

         A depth of spirit and a touch of nature are evident in all Brooks’ work, whether a representational/figurative piece, a flowing organic creation or something ‘purely’ & wonderfully abstract. Her paintings have been described as “enchanting”, “[e]motion expressed with the language of color” and “Soul made visible”. She finds inspiration from both within & without herself, her paintings being labeled, befittingly, “a combination of intuition & intention”.

         Taking a side-trip into the world of broadcast communications, Brooks graduated [summa cum laude] with a bachelor’s degree in 1988 and received an A-P Honorable Mention Award in radio news along the way. While pursing her first loves of music & art, Brooks has also done some acting, appearing in numerous local television commercials & education film productions. She studied drama, voice & dance at Lee Strasburg Theater Institute in West Hollywood, CA.

         Brooks’ art has traveled the globe. Her pencil drawings complement the Donna Eden book, ‘Energy Medicine, Tarcher-Penguin-Putnam, Inc., 1998. She shares her passion for life through original piano compositions, photography and poetry, as well as the visual arts. Two collections of her poetry are available on Amazon.com. With Each Breath contains her b & w photography & Awakened Passion, words of love. You can ‘friend’ or follow Brooks on fb under: Brooks Leath Garten Hauschild. Also, see her two online shops at Fine Art America & Café Press [Brooks Garten Hauschild].

         In any medium, this artist offers a unique vision, energy & beauty. New paintings and information about & by Brooks will be posted ASAP. Your comments & inquiries are always welcome. See ‘Contact Us’ on her home page.

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